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Apple Fritter Strain

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THC Level: 30%

Product Type: Apple Fritter Strain

This is one of the best strain on our online dispensary with a thc of almost 30%. Whether you are a heavy smoker or not , you should know that 30% is a pretty heavy and strong bud.

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If sofa.The THC of this strain is 29%.

Effects of Apple Fritter Strain

The strain.

Apple fritter weed


Apple Fritter is a sweet, earthy strain that’s strongly apple and fruits dominant. The Animal Cookies genetics lend a sweet, vanilla, and cake note as well that makes this smell like a baked treat.


The Apple Fritter strain flavor is one of the most delicious on the market. It’s sweet, fruity, and tastes just like baked goods. There’s just a hint of cheese, helping to round out the pastry into a delicious cream cheese apple fritter flavor.

Adverse reactions:

It cannot be stressed enough just how potent Apple Fritter weed is. As with many high-THC strains, some users report cottonmouth and dry eyes. Having water available will help keep those symptoms at bay.


Firstly, apple Fritter is powerful, making it ideal for therapeutic use. Also, the incredible potency of this strain leads to a euphoria that few other strains can match. Whether users face depression or anxiety, the bliss from Apple Fritter will give them some respite. Depressed and dark moods simply don’t stand up to the strength of Apple Fritter.

Apple fritter marijuana products for PTSD:


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6 reviews for Apple Fritter Strain

  1. Gideon59

    Love this hybrid

  2. Theodore


  3. Paulo

    Got my pack after 2 days

  4. Murphy F


  5. Maurice69


  6. Marco Polo

    Heard sour is apple is a great strand.

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