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Brain Freeze

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Brain Freeze strain

Brain Freeze strain cannabis strain is a 60 Sativa/40 Indica dominant hybrid grown Dutchgrown Seeds and is not a force to be reckoned with. Brain Freeze strain. This strain has a THC Level of 23%.

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Brain Freeze strain cannabis strain is a 60 Sativa/40 Indica dominant hybrid.

Firstly, we use the indoor method to cultivate the strain. Some other growers use both indoor and outdoor to cultivate the strain.

The Brain Freeze strain nugs smell of the earth with a mango undertone. Due to the high potent THC level of this strain, Consumers may experience a strong and off-balance effect. The cannabis strain can be used both day time and night.

The strain flowers have a sweet smell and an earthy mango. The smoke is smooth and tastes like sweet citrus.

This strain produces mild cerebral effects that will leave the user relaxed and content.

It is a brown colored weed with orange hairs and gold hues and it is an appealing beautiful strain at sight.

Type of High

Brain Freeze marijuana strain induces strong, long-lasting cerebral high, characterized by euphoria and heavy stone effect. Uplifts mood, alleviates depression, relieves stress, relaxes the body. May cause couch lock and laziness. Brain Freeze cannabis weed is a cross between LUI and C99.

LAB TESTED RESULTS of Brain Freeze Strain

THC: 23%
CBD: 0.62%
CBN: 0.54%

EFFECTS: Body High

CURES: Appetite Loss, Pain Muscle, Spasm Stress

If You want a strong and balance cannabis weed with a lovely sweet smell then brain freeze is the perfect weed.

Firstly the strain got its name for good reason, it is primarily because it delivers a sensation blend of tobacco and cigar flavors for those who are particularly fond of the two.

its high feelings are not extraordinary but it makes the best use of its indica/Sativa heritage so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Furthermore, the strain is not for newbies as it will make you feel high in minutes and sleepy.

The sleepy nature makes it very appealing to smoke at night for an assured rest and energizing effect.

Another strain is the Deadhead Og and you can get information about marijuana strains on Leafly.




11 reviews for Brain Freeze

  1. Sandrine Gomez

    Brain freeze 🥶 strain is good

  2. Micheal v

    Love it it’s legit

  3. Remi jnr

    This strain gives me a relaxed sensation

  4. Pablo1

    Delivery 🚚 was fast

  5. Herman46

    This strain is legit

  6. Gerald


  7. Murphy G

    👌👌love the strains will order for more

  8. Harenzo59

    Got my pack after 2 days u are legit

  9. Frank

    Just got my pack will order more u are legit

  10. Moses T

    Got my pack after 3 days delivery is very poor

  11. Erickson persmann

    I’m very satisfied thanks for d gift

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