Kandy Kush (Reserva Privada)


Strain Name: Kandy Kush

: Grade AAA

: Indica

THC Level: 20%

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Kandy Kush Weed Strain

Kandy Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid that won the very first Western Slope Cannabis Crown, held in Aspen, Colorado. it’s a tall, thin plant with large sticky buds that give off a sweet lime scent.

Firstly, the strain’s high starts with strong cerebral effects that nearly instantly lift moods by producing dopamine. This euphoria is quickly followed by an important, lazy body high. Kandy Kush is a perfect strain for those affected by eating disorders and nausea because it typically stimulates appetite and provides users the ‘munchies.’

Secondly, this strain is recommended for evening use, the strain is most often prescribed to combat insomnia and induce relaxation. The strain’s Indica effects can ease mild to severe chronic aches and pains, and a few find it helpful in dealing with anxiety and mood disorders.

Experience Growing Kandy Kush

Kandy Kush was originally bred by DNA Genetics and maybe a cross of two famous strains, OG Kush and Trainwreck.

The version of this strain that won The Western Slope Cannabis Crown, however, was grown by Rocky Mountain Remedies, the primary legal marijuana dispensary in Northwestern Colorado.

Kandy Kush flowers from nine to 10 weeks and maybe grown indoors and out with reported yields of up to 500 grams per square meter (or 1,000 watts)
Look – DNA Genetics Kandy Kush has the earthy, musky Kush smell with accents of lemon, fuel and fruit to go with.

More Insight of This Strain

Smell – It tastes love it smells. Nice and earthy with a fuely, lemon, fruity undertone.

Taste – Very strong if an excessive amount of is smoked. With light quantities it can have a really cerebral effect, but smoke tons and you’ll be stuck to the couch.

Effects – Pain relief, sleeping disorders, appetite, anxiety.

Medical Uses – Kosher Kush is certainly good for pain relief. it’s also a mood enhancer.

Additional Strain Info

However, classic stretch of the OG Kush that bulks up and fills out just like the TW to offer you OG flavor and TW nugs.

Once more we bring the medicinal benefits, the great taste of the OG Kush, and crossed it to classic Cali.

Train Wreck strain – known for it’s good commercial yields, frostiness and lemony scents.

In Conclusion, the sweetness of this Kush hybrid is like kandy and after one hit you’ll keep returning for more!! Heavy crystal production comes on after the 5th week but doesn’t stop producing! one among the foremost resinous plants in our catalog. True California flavor. 1st Colorado Cannabis Crown 2010 voted best medical marijuana out of 140 strains 3rd Outdoor Spannabis 2012.

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