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Kings kush


Strain Name: Kings Kush

Flavors: Earthy, Berry, Sweet
Effects: Relaxed, Cotton Mouth, Creative, Sedated, Euphoric

Medical: Depressed, Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain, Nausea

THC Content: 20%

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Kings Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid that produces a desirable range of effects and a THC count of up to twenty.
For most users, the primary effects of this strain begin with elevated mood. A full-body melt, which may take up to twenty minutes to develop, follows.

These body effects can cause users to feel lazy, tired, and sedated. In spite of this effect, some still find King’s Kush very stimulating for the mind, and a couple of even call it psychedelic.

Those that experience cerebral stimulation often find that this strain imparts energy and creativity instead of “couch-lock” and/or sleep. Its downsides are common ones and include xerostomia and eyes and occasional dizziness.

More About Kings kush

For most, this strain is best used at night. it’s often prescribed for nighttime pain and inflammation relief. it’s also regularly wont to treat insomnia.

The uplifting effects of King’s Kush make it good for unwinding, alleviating stress and anxiety, and regulating mood disorders.

Some patients use it to ease the consequences of Parkinsonís disease and MS, while others choose it to fight nausea, vomiting, and anorexia.
Kings Kush, created by Green House Seeds, maybe a cross between the much wanted OG Kush and Grape Ape.

This 70% Indica hybrid is often grown successfully indoors, outdoors, or during a greenhouse. Not recommended for beginners, this strain produces a moderate yield after flowering in about nine weeks.

Experience growing this Marijuana strain.

Green House Seed Company since 1985 has bloomed into one of the foremost successful seed companies so far. They need also become probably one among the foremost recognizable Dutch Seed Companies and occasional Shops around. This is often partially due to their top-notch genetics.

In Addition, King’s Kush is one among their gems and is legendary for its productivity and powerful, fiery smell.

It’s a hybrid of a just like the strain that put Southern California on the map OG Kush and a Grape Ape original clone.

This strain seems to require more of the Kush traits, which is astounding for the one that can get their hands on a number of these seeds.

The OG Kush has become part of pot legend, lore, and has developed into a preferred strain of breeders globally.

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