Liberty Haze

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Strain Name: Liberty Haze

: Grade AAA

: Hybrid

THC Level: 29%



Liberty Haze

Liberty Haze may be a hybrid that has predominantly cerebral Sativa effects. A cross between Mississippi-born G13 and Sativa favorite Chemdawg, it’s the brainchild of Barney’s Farm. A breeding operation that has also created flavor-focused strains like Tangerine Dream and bleu.

With a dynamic, well-rounded taste and an active, it’s an excellent option for any number of situations.

Liberty’s Haze’s psychoactivity has even earned it the respect of best strain overall within the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has found flowers of Liberty Haze to possess between 17% and a shocking 29% THC.

More about the Liberty Haze

Liberty’s Haze’s flowers betray its Sativa character with long, tapered buds that are somewhat like traditional Thai sticks.

These buds have a loose and fluffy texture and the leaves are easily torn far away from their central stems.

Leaves themselves are vibrant spring green and are departing by many orange to red hairs (which are literally pistils, meant to catch pollen from flowering male plants).

Transparent trichomes make sure that the flowers are sticky and really potent but leave them without the silver sheen characteristic.

When buds of Liberty Haze are properly cured, they provide off the relatively rare aroma of lime. On closer inspection, this citrus tang is rounded out by more dank, kushy base notes. This strain burns with a smooth smoke and tastes like lime on the exhale; smokers can also devour on some subtle spicy and herbal flavors.

Effects of this marijuana strain

The effects of Liberty Haze take hold of users quickly within the sort of a bracing head high. Gentle pressure is often discerned around the eyes and temples. There’s also a marked change in perception which will prove disorienting at first; smokers may suddenly find them some more observant or maybe hyper-aware of their surroundings.

Once they’ve become familiar with this altered state, though, users can point this energetic thoughtfulness in any direction they choose. Liberty Haze can provide the motivation you would like to urge out and attain some errands.

Alternatively, it can help accomplish work, whether creative and artistic, or more analytical and task-based. it’s going to even be an excellent thanks to bond and relax with friends, whether you’re staying in or taking a hike on a gorgeous day.

A classic “wake and bake” strain, Liberty Haze isn’t recommended to be used before bedtime. It’s strong cerebral are often long-lasting, even for cannabis veterans.

Cannabis medical patients

Just as Liberty Haze has recreational uses that affect the mind, its medical applications also are mostly psychological (although its anti-inflammatory properties may confer some benefits for minor aches and pains or for an irritated stomach).

It’s a sustained feeling of focus and acuity are often helpful for those attentive deficit disorders. For patients with mild to moderate stress and depression, it can open up channels of perception and mood, allowing the afflicted to feel more present and “in the instant .”

Negative side effects include xerostomia. due to its tendency to cause recursive thinking and paranoia, Liberty Haze can also be not the most suitable option for those that are susceptible to panic or who have a coffee THC tolerance.

Experience growing this strain

Breeders Barney’s Farm has made seeds of Liberty Haze available for commercial sale. Like many Sativa, this strain has hearty genetics that allows it to be successfully grown indoors or outdoor. Although outdoor cultivation requires warm, Mediterranean-like climates.

This strain also offers growers an exceptionally high yield for his or her efforts: growers can expect about 60 grams (or 2 ounces) of flower per sq ft of the plant.

Liberty Haze’s enduring head buzz may be a good way to stay a celebration rolling or to only enjoy some quality solo time.

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