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Available in select states across the US, STIIIZY products are making a reputation for themselves through their use of outstanding ingredients and unique methods of consumption.

Designed for the high-end smoker who appreciates quality while also desiring discretion, STIIIZY pens and pods make it easy to enjoy cannabis on the go.

Their vapes are made to last and rather than contributing to overflowing landfills, come as rechargeable hardware for reuse.

More about Stiiizy

Rather than simply offering the foremost popular strains and calling it each day. STIIIZY has perfected their craft and made consumption a singular experience.

Founded in 2017, they manufacture a good range of colors and patterns for every one of their cartridges in order that users can truly express themselves.

They’ve even changed the verbiage that always comes with vaping, selling Starter Kits, and Pods to further elevate their brand. Enthusiasts can visit their local dispensary to seek out the oils.

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