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Trump OG

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THC Level-20%

The Trump og weed strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid created by blending two well-known strains, OG Kush and therefore the cleverly titled Presidential OG.

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Trump OG Weed Strain

The Trump og weed strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid created by blending two well-known strains, OG Kush and therefore the cleverly titled Presidential OG. Don’t let the name sway you a method or the opposite, as this is often a particularly giggly bud and well well worth the try. If nothing else about the name Trump causes you to laugh, let this be the thing.


The super high THC average at 20% is great for a slew of ailments, making it a stellar medical choice. These fluffy, forest green buds smell of tree fruit and musk with hints of pungent lemon and citrus fruits. The aromas are considered equivalent in these little grape shaped buds. The thick coating of orange hair and amber trichomes provides it the visual pop that creates growing buds so fine.


Trump OG may be a creeper and features a tendency to creep up on if you aren’t careful. This one is coming for you hard after just a few hits. At first, you’ll feel talkative and cheerful, with major giggle fits throughout the high. That social butterfly flutters off into a Stoney buzz that overtakes your whole body.

It causes the user to become completely introspective, so don’t be surprised if you suddenly become quiet and heavy. it’s also a robust sedative, which is great if you would like a solid night of sleep.

As you inch your way closer to your bed you’ll feel the munchies, so make certain to urge found out together with your favorite snacks so you don’t end up wandering sort of a zombie within the middle of the night in search of food.

Effects OF Trump Og

Because of the aforementioned effects, this strain is ideal for a myriad of medical ailments. additionally, to its very smooth smoke, which makes it easier for beginners to ease into finding their limit. It’s highly effective within the treatment of depression, stress, anxiety, pain, migraines, and insomnia.

Because it does give users a burst of energy on the initial rush, it’s also great for brief relief of fatigue. Though it isn’t recommended for long-term treatment of this particular affliction.

Experience Growing this Strain

Growing this plant leans towards intermediate because it is susceptible to some molds and might give beginners a headache they’re trying to cure.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor at around 8 to 9 weeks for indoor growers and early to mid-October for an outside harvest. The yield is average, but not disappointing.

Regardless of your feelings for this strain’s namesake, it’s worth a stab. The extremely silly nature of this bud makes it quite social and price the try. The smoke is straightforward on your lungs and can leave you feeling super satisfied, a touch hungry, and really ready for bed.

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12 reviews for Trump OG

  1. Emile Beckmann

    Legit strains love it

  2. Clarence J

    Received my pack after 2 days … I’m satisfied

  3. Patrickson6

    Trump OG is the real deal I love it…

  4. Roland390

    💯Legit … thanks for my gift

  5. Mac kelly

    Fast delivery 📦 I’m satisfied

  6. Romeo E

    Poor delivery service.. this strain Is good tho

  7. Romeo E

    Just got my package and I’ll be ordering more I’m satisfied

  8. Johaness L

    Thanks for the gift .. just got my pack and I’m satisfied

  9. Marion Jones

    So strong 💪 love it

  10. Kadiri

    Got my pack after 24 hours … I love what I saw and recommend u to try it ..

  11. Sergio scott

    This strain is so powerful I love it

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      Thank you for your 5 star review

  12. Sergio scott

    Received my package on time.. delivery was after 48 hours I’m satisfied

    • Cannabis Frost Dispensary

      Thank you for your review. we are happy you are satisfied with our product

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