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John Edward Hopkins “Big Hawk”, was a founding member of Houston’s Screwed Up Click and the brother of Patrick “Fat Pat” Hawkins. To many on the scene, he was a big-brother figure and a respected cornerstone of the influential rap clique that bore DJ Screw’s name and we came up with Exotic Pop Big Hawk Fruit Punch Soda.

Firstly, this big brother vibe and huge statue coined him the nickname, Big Hawk. Big Hawk, his brother, and other Houston legend, Lil Keke formed the group DEA and Dead End records.

Secondly, after the death of his brother Fat Pat, Hawk focused on his love for family, friends, and Houston’s unique hip-hop culture as a solo act.

Thirdly, he shied away from glamorizing the violent street life that many rappers glorified. In 2001 his self-titled album reachedNo. 45on Billboard’s Top Rap Albums chart.

More About this Exotic Pop

In 2006, 8 years after his brother’s death Big Hawk was killed. Since May 2016 Exotic Pop has promoted Big Hawk Day to show support to longtime girlfriend and widow Meshah Henderson Hawkins and their two sons.

Hawk’s legacy is permanently preserved as part of the University of HoustonLibrary’s Houston hip-hop collection.

Furthermore, A number of personal mementos and artifacts from his rap career including a handwritten notebook of lyrics, rhymes, domino scores, and other notes. This way, Hawk’s place in the city’s musical history can’t be forgotten or overlooked by future fans and historians.

In addition, in the summer of 2019, the collaboration was made official, and Exotic Pop was given the honor to commemorate the five star general of the SUC with his own limited edition Fruit punch soda. A sweet soft drink with a big bold exotic fruity flavor.

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