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Patrick Lamar Hawkins better known by his stage name Mr. Fat Pat was a rapper for Houston’s Third Ward. Fat Pat was a founding member of the Screwed Up Click, and DEA (Dead End Alliance) along with his brother, John “Big Hawk” Hawkins, DJ Screw, Lil Keke and Kay-K. Hawkins performed at numerous Houston nightclubs, parties, and freestyle garage sessions throughout his career. His debut album, Ghetto Dreams was released one month after his death and has since sold 100,000 copies to date. After his passing, fellow Screwed Up Click and Wreckshop Records
rapper D-Reck made a documentary about Fat Pat and members of both rap cliques. The 50-minute film, Fat Pat – Ghetto Dreams, was released.

In 1999 and then re-released on DVD a year later as a double feature with another SUC-made film starring Big Moe entitled Mann! The Movie. Hawkins has highly influenced fellow Houston rappers and inspired the upcoming southern artist to stay independent. His close friend Paul Wall even named his firstborn son William Patrick to honor the memory of his friend. Wreckshop Records continued to release compilations and other Fat Pat tracks into the early 2000s.
The Fat Pat Pineapple Soda is jam-packed with natural flavors and
pineapple juice. It’s sure to be a fizzy family favorite.

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