Rainbow Kush

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Rainbow kush strain is Know for it’s multiple colors and therefore the pine aroma yet rare to seek out during a dispensary

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Rainbow kush Strain

Rainbow kush strain is Know for its multiple colors and therefore the pine aroma yet rare to seek out during a dispensary

About this strain

Rainbow kush strain is a 50% Indica-dominant strain with a THC of 17% and CBD of 1%. This strain is achieved by a mix of Master Kush and the Hindu Kush.

where you’ll purchase Rainbow Kush strain

The Rainbow kush may be a rare strain and not every dispensary in us grows or sells this product. At cannabis dispensary, we offer our clients quality weed online sand this strain Stands out together of our top cannabis product at our store shelf.

Some may detect notes of coffee and a spicy aftertaste. Recreational users who want to urge a touch stoned not only-but also still be social should inspect this strain because it won’t put you during a weed coma.

The Indica influence should induce a light body melt amid positive cerebral effects.
Besides, you’ll partake within the morning also as day thanks to its low THC level and mild body effects. Medical patients may utilize this strain and consequently alleviate nausea, poor appetite, and pain among other conditions.

The CBD content is just too low for seizure disorders yet above other strains. This makes it suitable for laundry away anxieties, aches, and pains without the acute high found in other strains.

The breeder states that it’s easy or moderately difficult to grow.

How to We grow the Rainbow Kush strain

Firstly, we propose propagating the plant during a Sea of Green (SOG) style, which forces the flowering stage earlier.
Secondly. it flowers in 9 weeks and produces a yield outdoors of up to 750 grams or 26.5 ounces per sq. meter.

When you grow rainbow kush, you’ll see the brilliant colors that breeders, marketers, and aficionados rave about. you can see other cannabis products like apple fritter strain and white runtz strain.

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13 reviews for Rainbow Kush

  1. Philipes jay

    Love this strains but think kosher kush is better

  2. Sandralis

    So satisfied 👌👌.my pack came as expected

  3. Josephine pearl

    The customer service was good and I received my pack after 48 hours.thanks for this gift

  4. Santos4

    The strain was good and I love the aroma

  5. Joanna jay

    100% legit

  6. Diana beatrice

    Received my pack on time..thanks

  7. Sandrine drakes

    This strain is legit…thanks for my pack bruh

  8. Ericsson

    They got the best rainbow kush okline

  9. Hilton

    My first order and received as described. I like the color of the Rainbow kush

  10. George 710

    Super fast Delivery 🚚

  11. Esomo

    Best ever. Got my package after 2 days. The online customer service was very helpful. Thanks

  12. Oj rolands

    So satisfied 👌👌.my pack came as expected

  13. Romeo710

    am so grateful. i just received my pack. was very skeptical but am happy to find a legit dispensary. i will shop with you guys often

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