Seasonal Harvest Shatter


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Seasonal Harvest Shatter

Seasonal Harvest Shatter comes from a high terpene butane nug run extraction. These butane extractions use a full purge tested to pharmacological standards. The nugs are from a pesticide-free outdoor grow. We’re really impressed with the quality, strength, and purity of these concentrates!

Available by the half gram.

Stardawg (Sativa) tests at 68.6% THC, 1.9% CBG, 0.4% CBD

WiFi (Sativa) tests at 63.6% THC, 2.1% CBG, 0.5% CBC

Lemon Banana Sherbert (Hybrid) tests at 76.4% THC, 4.8% CBG, 0.2% CBN

Platinum OG (Indica) tests at 77.9% THC, 0.0% CBD, 0.7% CBG

Lucie #6 (Indica) tests at 80.9% THC, 2.4% CBG, 0.3% CBD

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