Skittles Moon Rocks


Skittles Moon Rocks

Skittles Moon Rocks marijuana strain is a 70% Indica and 30% sativa marijuana. The strain is extremely powerful, with THC levels ranging 21-26%


Skittles Moon Rocks

Skittles Moon Rocks marijuana strain is a 70% Indica and 30% sativa marijuana. The strain is extremely powerful, with THC levels ranging 21-26%. Due to the fact that is weed strain may induce sever couch lock and lethargy, we do not recommend its cannabis smoke for first time smokers or users. Moon Rock buds are chunky and nicely covered with a fat coat of resin. They have numerous sparkling trichomes and the smell of spices, nuts, and earth. Moon Rock marijuana is excellent for the evening and nighttime use.

Health Benefit of skittles moon rocks

Skittles Moon Rocks marijuana strain induces strong head hurry and cerebral euphoria. Enhance mood and appetite. May lead to strong couch-lock. Promotes sleep, alleviates, tenderness and muscle spasms, the total for treating chronic soreness and insomnia.

Skittles MoonRocks

What are Skittles Moon Rocks?

Also known as weed caviar, Moon Rocks are a fairly new type of marijuana product that packs a big punch. It’s the Frankenstein of weed products, composed of nuggets of flower dipped in hash oil and rolled in kief.

They’re best smoked using a pipe or bong to get the full effects of the product. Known to have more than 50% THC (and sometimes as much as 80%), they’re the ultimate high for those always seeking something new and exciting from their weed delivery.

What are the side effects Skittles Moon Rock?

Moonrocks have countless of the same side effects as other strains and types of marijuana, but in better frequency and severity due to the potency of the product.

Side effects dizziness, headache, dry mouth, itchy eyes, nausea, hunger, paranoia, and more. Forever make definite, to begin with, low doses of any marijuana delivery product and escalate slowly depending on your tolerance.

Moonrocks provide some instant effects, but they reach their peak about 30 minutes after consumption, so wait until this time to increase your dose as needed.

Where can I get Skittles Moon Rocks?

Skittles MoonRocks isn’t as simple to source as numerous other types of weed products, so call your local weed delivery service provider to confirm if they have any in stock.

At Lucky Farms, we get rid of our proprietary Skittles MoonRocks composed from our all-natural, high-quality flower. You can additionally make your Moon rocks utilizing flower, hash oil, and kief, but allowing the experts to make the MoonRocks for you’ll repeatedly get you the best high.

How to get Skittles Moon Rocks from cannabis frost dispensary

Cannabis frost Dispensary offers a wide range of marijuana products, from Skittles Moon Rocks and edibles to flower and cartridges.

If you live in Colorado or within the sate, UK or Canada, or one of our other service areas, you can weed delivered directly to your front door with our convenient and affordable marijuana delivery service.

How to contact us

Simply area your bid online and you’ll get constant updates from our sustain squad about your bid status and tracking.

To search out more about our service or get tailor-made product recommendations, Contact us at (719) 941 77 87 today.

We also have some other top strains like the Pinkman Goo and you can get more info about all cannabis strains from leafly.


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